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Metal embossing machine for thicker coil willow pattern

Metal embossing machine for thicker coil willow pattern

Metal embossing machine for thicker coil willow pattern is designed to make metal embossing sheet from thickness 1to 6mm

Metal embossing machine for thicker coil willow pattern 
A Metal Embossing Machine Line is a metal forming process unit that emboss a series of straight or parallel ridges onto a metal sheet or strip. As to the an-slip metal embossing pattern could be used on car, floor tiles or others.Here are some drawing profiles of embossing pattern for your reference:

Metal Embossing Machine Line machine picture:

A Metal coil embossing line is a stamping process to produce various designed patterns in metal sheet by passing the sheet in roll or a strip of metal between rolls of the desired patterns. The thickness of the sheet is from 1mm to 6.0mm. But the metal embossing range can not be so big we recommend like this:
When thickness from 1 to 3.0mm using one machine and when the thickness from 3 to 6.0mm, using one machine. Here we just list one type, as to the embossing pattern we have lots of patterns. Only if you show us the finished product pictures and then we can know how to design machine for you:

As to metal embossing machine, we have the following options for you to choose:
Option A: Single machine only for metal embossing machine.
Option B: From decoiler to metal embossing machine with cut to length.
Option C: From decoliler to metal embossing and then to recoiler.
Although some embossed patterns are simply decorative, one major benefit is that embossing increases the strength-to-weight ratio of the formed sheet metal.
The users can buy light gauge metal sheet and then embossed to provide adequate strength requirements. Embossing can be done by either stamping or rolling. And the rolling method is faster, as it uses mating pairs of rotary tooling to do the embossing, thus completing the task at a much higher speed.
Here are more detail pictures to show why you Zhongtuo metal embossing machine is your best options:
For the metal embossing machine transmission part, we use the gearbox high quality type. Then when working, it can give strong power and use for a long time. And also We use the strong gear Cardan shaft:

For the rollers are very good material and accurate processing:

Here is one the of metal embossing working video for your reference: 

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